PT. Intimas Surya

PT. Intimas Surya

Unleashing the Best of Indonesia's Sea Goodness

About Us

PT. Intimas Surya is an integrated fishery-based company in Jakarta and Bali since 1994. We specialize in tuna longline fishing, processing and exporting of fresh and frozen fish products.


Fresh and Frozen Fish Products


Striving for Excellence in All We Do.

Established Expertise

With over 25 years of experience, PT. Intimas Surya is a leading fishery-based company specializing in tuna longline fishing, processing, and export of fresh and frozen fish products.

Stringent Standards

Prioritizing safety, quality, legality, and authenticity, our certified processing plant (HACCP, BRC, social audits) ensures the highest industry standards.

Global Collaboration

Actively engaging with domestic and foreign partners, we bring new and innovative fish products to market, fostering a dynamic seafood industry.

Sustainability Focus

Committed to sustainable practices, we participate in Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs) and sustainable seafood programs, contributing to eco-friendly fishing and a sustainable future.

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